Delivering your baby in Chilliwack.

Welcome to the Chilliwack Hospital, we’re thrilled that you’ve chosen to deliver your baby here! Our nurses, doctors and staff are dedicated to making this experience a safe, supported and memorable one for you and your family. Please give us a call at 604-795-4107 with any questions about the maternity ward. Thank you for entrusting us with this wonderful occasion, we’re looking forward to being by your side!

Take a quick tour of the maternity ward by watching this video.

Frequently Asked Questions about giving birth at Chilliwack General Hospital

Unfortunately, we are no longer offering tours of the Maternity Ward.

Yes! Your partner and any other support people are welcome to spend the night. There is a fold out chair in each room that can be turned into a bed.

Please note that COVID-19 restrictions are currently in place and only 1 support person can come to the unit for the stay. Unfortunately there is no waiting room for additional family members at this time.

Friends and family may come and go at your discretion.

Please note that COVID-19 restrictions are currently in place and only 1 support person can come to the unit for the stay. Unfortunately there is no waiting room for additional family members at this time.

Meals will be provided for you only at regular meal times. Please be sure to pack sufficient snacks in case you deliver outside these hours, each room is equippend with a small fridge. There are limited snacks provided during labour including juice, cookies, teas, crackers and cheese.

A typical stay for a vaginal birth is 24–48 hours. A C-section is longer at 48–72 hours.

Yes, please wear what is most comfortable for you as long as you can get your pants off quickly! A hospital gown will also be provided as an option for vaginal births, but must be worn for c-sections. We recommend your partner bring a change of clothes including shorts or a swimsuit and sandals should they decide to get into the shower with you.

The hospital will provide diapers for baby, as well as personal hygeine pads and a “peri-bottle” to help provide relief when using the toilet after birth. Otherwise you can bring comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, a pair of sandals for the shower, toiletries, warm pyjamas/outfits for baby, plenty of snacks, a car seat that will be checked by a nurse before you leave with baby. Many mothers swear by other comfort measures such as chapstick, your own pillow and warm socks or slippers!

Comfort measures may ease labor pain directly or indirectly by soothing and relaxing you. Here are some examples:

  • Create a calm environment: Dim lights, peaceful surroundings, soft music, privacy and warmth.
  • Increase physical comfort: Walking, slow dancing with a partner, pelvic rocking, positioning pillows for comfort, sitting and swaying on birth ball (a large physiotherapy ball), lifting up the abdomen and/or rocking in a rocking chair.
Walking with a Partner

Walking with a Partner

Walking with a Doula

Slow Dancing

Rocking on a Birth Ball

Kneeling and Resting on a Birth Ball

Standing and Resting on a Birth Ball

Doing Pelvic Tilts

Climbing Stairs

Rocking in a Rocking Chair

  • Use touch: Massage, stroking, cuddling, counter pressure against the lower back or acupressure.
  • Apply heat (with or without water): Deep tub bath, shower, heating pad on groin or back, heated blanket.
  • Apply cold: Ice pack on lower back, cool cloth to wipe face.
Hear from some moms who delivered in Chilliwack

“It was important for me to stay in my community and close to home with my support team and doctor – that’s why I chose to deliver in Chilliwack. I had my husband and doula by my side during labour and an excellent team literally cheering me on as I delivered after a very long and difficult labour! Even though the process didn’t go as planned, I can confidently say I would deliver at CGH again.”

“My water broke at 33 weeks at home so rushed to Chilliwack hospital and our son was born about 40 min later. He was born a footling breach – they had wanted to get me in for a c-section as the nurse had felt a foot but then one leg was birthed. Thankfully my midwife and the doctor there were able to get his other leg unstuck.”

“This was my first planned c-section, 3rd baby, and it was a completely lovely and different experience from my previous births. It was calm and had the best recovery time. I was well looked after and lacked nothing in my care.”

“We chose to deliver our baby at Chilliwack hospital. We loved the care we received from not only our midwife but all the staff at Chilliwack general. The maternity ward was very quiet and calm which made the labour and delivery process way better! The nurses and staff were very kind and helpful and the pace and environment was much calmer and more relaxing. Everything went very smooth and natural just how we wanted it.”

“Planned c-section. Arrived early morning, nurses were very kind and quick at getting everything organized. Anesthesiologist came in to talk, ob came in to talk- very peaceful. Into OR, no problems everything was well explained. Baby came and was able to go to recovery with me which I LOVED as well as skin to skin in OR as they were closing me up.”

“I went into labour 7 weeks early with my second child. I started having contractions so I called Chilliwack General Hospitals maternity ward as they we not slowing down, they told me to come be assessed. From the moment I walked in to the maternity ward I was treated the best I have ever been in a hospital.”

What is available to you, your partner and family to support your labour, delivery and recovery at CGH?

  • Private rooms available

  • Free wifi available

  • A fridge with juice and snacks for labour

  • Gowns for labour and delivery (or you can use your own clothing for vaginal births only)

  • Showers in the delivery & recovery rooms

  • Comfort measures for labour including laughing gas (nitrous-oxide), epidurals, birthing balls, “peanut balls”

  • 1:1 Nursing support during active labour

  • Coordination of transport between hospitals if required

  • C-section surgery room on maternity floor

  • Skin-to-skin after vaginal birth and c-section including baby staying with mom when she is transported to recovery room after c-section

  • If a NICU transfer is needed they do their best to keep baby and mom together until mom has a secured room at the accepting hospital

  • Nursery for stabilizing babies who need to be moved to a NICU

  • Phototherapy

  • Donor milk on site

  • Breastfeeding support

  • 24/7 Nursing care for mom and baby postpartum

  • Meals for mom

  • A focus on collaborative decision making between parents and staff

  • Delayed baby bathing

  • Car seat checks before leaving the hospital

  • Pediatric unit next door provides quick access to pediatric referrals

  • Mom is supplied with personal hygiene pads, diapers and peri-bottle

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