Chilliwack Obstetrical Group

The Chilliwack Obstetrical Group (COGs) is a group of family doctors who provide prenatal, delivery and postnatal services to women. We provide care in Chilliwack and in Hope. Between us family doctors, we deliver over half of the babies in Chilliwack. We do all our deliveries at the Chilliwack General Hospital.

Our call-based system means that your baby will be delivered by the doctor who is working that day. Your own doctor will see you for all your prenatal (before baby) and postpartum (after baby) visits. Your doctor will also usually see you when you are in the hospital.

Need a Referral to COGs?

If you have a family doctor, please ask your family doctor to refer you to the Chilliwack Obtsetrical Group or you can self-refer by using the form to the right.

If you do not have a family doctor, please self-refer using the form to the right.

Once you submit the form, you will be assigned one of the doctors from the group and should receive this information within 2 weeks. If you have previously been a patient of COGs, please indicate this on the form, so we can assign you the same doctor.

Please refer as soon you are pregnant.

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    Meet the Physicians

    Dr. Dominic Black

    Dr Black is a Family Physician in Chilliwack, having moved from the UK in 2015. He has worked for years in palliative care and in musculoskeletal medicine, completing a diploma in sports medicine at University College London. He is a UBC Family Medicine Preceptor and often has a resident doctor or a medical student working with him.

    Dr Black and his wife Jo love the mountains and countryside around Chilliwack. They enjoy exploring the area, often with family visiting from the UK.

    Dr. Braeden Beaumont

    Dr. Beaumont grew up in Abbotsford and after high school spent two years as a missionary for his church in Serbia. He completed his Bachelors of Science at UFV and went on to Medical School at the University of Alberta, but he ultimately returned to BC where he landed in Chilliwack for a family medicine residency. Dr. Beaumont has a special interest in obstetrics, delivering his first baby in 2016, and he also works in the ER in Hope.

    Outside of medicine, he spends the rest of his time with his wife and three children (he didn’t deliver any of them) playing blocks and trains; camping; and making and eating delicious food.

    Dr. Robert Brooks

    Having grown up in small-town Ontario, Dr. Brooks went to complete his medical degree with his wife at the University of Sydney in Australia and to finish his Family Medicine training in rural Newfoundland.  He and his family made their home in Chilliwack in 2016. When he is not working at the Chilliwack Primary Care Clinic or delivering babies, he is chasing his three small children at home.

    Dr. Martin Dodds

    Dr. Dodds has been delivering babies in Chilliwack for over 20 years. He is the head of the Chilliwack General Hospital’s Department of Obstetrics.

    Dr. Alison Henry

    Dr. Henry has a medical degree from the University of Ottawa and Family Medicine training from the University of British Columbia and has been delivering babies in Chilliwack since 2009. She is a UBC Family Medicine Preceptor and will often have resident doctors working with her. Dr. Henry founded the Hope Prenatal Outreach Clinic and now works in collaboration with Registered Midwives. She has 2 young children but thankfully they are now both out of diapers!

    Dr. Joel Krueger

    Dr. Krueger completed his BSc at UFV. He attended UBC medicine class of 2012 and then completed residency at the UofS in Saskatoon. After working in rural Saskatchewan for a year, he joined Sardis Family Practice. Dr. Krueger is a UBC Family Medicine Preceptor and will often have resident doctors working with him. He also has medical and obstetrical privileges at CGH where both he and his son were born.

    Dr. Melanie Madill

    Dr. Melanie Madill is a second generation family doctor in Chilliwack, following in her father’s footsteps. She is a UBC Family Medicine Preceptor and will often have resident doctors working with her. Dr. Madill loves greeting new babies and has been involved in obstetrics for over 25 years. She has two grown children, both born in Chilliwack and a wonderful husband who gives anaesthetics in Abbotsford (and a cat).

    Dr. Madill loves riding her bike for hours at a time, reads everything she can and cooking delicious meals with and for her family. She has taken the ICC course and works at Stó:lō Nation Health Centre for a mother baby clinic the third week of every month.

    Dr. Lori Laughland

    Dr. Lori Laughland has a medical degree from McMaster University and came to Chilliwack in 1995 to do Family Practice Residency through UBC. She is a Clinical Assistant Professor with the UBC Family Practice Program and will often have resident doctors working with her. Dr. Laughland and has three children, all of whom were delivered at Chilliwack General Hospital.

    Dr. Laughland is always willing to discuss animals, chocolate, crafts or books.

    Dr. Quentin Smith

    Dr. Smith holds a medical degree from the University of Cape Town where he delivered his first baby in 1985. He has a fellowship in Family Medicine and serves as a Clinical Assistant Professor in the UBC Family Practice program and will often have resident doctors working with him. He is married with two adult children and enjoys trying to stay fit. Dr. Smith specializes in daytime deliveries!

    Dr. Lourens Viljoen

    I graduated from the University of Pretoria in 2007 and completed my Residency in Polokwane, South Africa followed by a year working for the South African Military Health Services. I started delivering babies in 2006 and have been doing so in Chilliwack since 2011.

    One of the greatest adventures of my life is my own children, of which I have 5, with one set of twins at the end!

    Dr. Astrid Wells

    Dr. Wells is a family physician who specializes in women’s health. She started training in the UK as an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist before changing careers to become a family physician and moving to Chilliwack in 2019. Dr. Wells graduated from the University of Dundee in 2009 and has diplomas in sexual health & contraception, obstetrics and gynaecology and also has additional training in menopause. In November 2020, she setup and started running a menopause clinic in Chilliwack. Dr. Wells also inserts intrauterine contraceptive devices along with Nexplanon which was approved in Canada for use in 2020.

    Dr. Wells also loves the outdoors and is enjoying spending time exploring her new home in British Columbia with her husband Paul and their dog Wilbur.

    Additional Options for Prenatal Care