Chilliwack Obstetrical Group

The Chilliwack Obstetrical Group (COGs) is a group of family doctors who provide prenatal, delivery and postnatal services to women. We provide care in Chilliwack and in Hope. Between us family doctors, we deliver over half of the babies in Chilliwack. We do all our deliveries at the Chilliwack General Hospital.

Our call-based system means that your baby will be delivered by the doctor who is working that day. Your own doctor will see you for all your prenatal (before baby) and postpartum (after baby) visits. Your doctor will also usually see you when you are in the hospital.

Need a Referral to COGs?

If you have a family doctor, please ask your family doctor to refer you to the Chilliwack Obtsetrical Group or you can self-refer by using the form to the right.

If you do not have a family doctor, please self-refer using the form to the right.

Once you submit the form, you will be assigned one of the doctors from the group and should receive this information within 2 weeks. If you have previously been a patient of COGs, please indicate this on the form, so we can assign you the same doctor.

Please refer as soon you are pregnant.

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    Meet the Physicians

    Dr. Braeden Beaumont

    Dr. Beaumont grew up in Abbotsford and after high school spent two years as a missionary for his church in Serbia. He completed his Bachelors of Science at UFV and went on to Medical School at the University of Alberta, but he ultimately returned to BC where he landed in Chilliwack for a family medicine residency. Dr. Beaumont has a special interest in obstetrics, delivering his first baby in 2016, and he also works in the ER in Hope.

    Outside of medicine, he spends the rest of his time with his wife and three children (he didn’t deliver any of them) playing blocks and trains; camping; and making and eating delicious food.

    Dr. Robert Brooks

    Having grown up in small-town Ontario, Dr. Brooks went to complete his medical degree with his wife at the University of Sydney in Australia and to finish his Family Medicine training in rural Newfoundland.  He and his family made their home in Chilliwack in 2016. When he is not working at the Chilliwack Primary Care Clinic or delivering babies, he is chasing his three small children at home.

    Dr. Alison Henry

    Dr. Henry has a medical degree from the University of Ottawa and Family Medicine training from the University of British Columbia and has been delivering babies in Chilliwack since 2009. She is a UBC Family Medicine Preceptor and will often have resident doctors working with her. Dr. Henry founded the Hope Prenatal Outreach Clinic and now works in collaboration with Registered Midwives. She has 2 young children but thankfully they are now both out of diapers!

    Dr. Joel Krueger

    Dr. Krueger completed his BSc at UFV. He attended UBC medicine class of 2012 and then completed residency at the UofS in Saskatoon. After working in rural Saskatchewan for a year, he joined Sardis Family Practice. Dr. Krueger is a UBC Family Medicine Preceptor and will often have resident doctors working with him. He also has medical and obstetrical privileges at CGH where both he and his son were born.

    Dr. Lori Laughland

    Dr. Lori Laughland has a medical degree from McMaster University and came to Chilliwack in 1995 to do Family Practice Residency through UBC. She is a Clinical Assistant Professor with the UBC Family Practice Program and will often have resident doctors working with her. Dr. Laughland and has three children, all of whom were delivered at Chilliwack General Hospital.

    Dr. Laughland is always willing to discuss animals, chocolate, crafts or books.

    Dr. Heather Leyen

    Daina Meakes

    While obtaining her undergrad in psychology from UBC, Daina became involved in the world of birth, attending low income clients in labour as a Doula. From there, Daina attended Laurentian University in Ontario for her Midwifery Degree, and returned to BC for her first year of practice. After delivery her own child in 2018, Daina feels more strongly than ever that pregnancy, birth, and parenthood are life changing.

    Hayley Goldsmith

    Born and raised in Australia, Hayley stayed and completed her bachelors of nursing degree in 2005, and her Master of Midwifery in 2007 at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia. Midwifery became a passion of hers early on in life, and was consolidated through the birth of her own children in 1999 and 2002.

    When not working, her passions lie with live music, cooking, travelling, camping, and enjoying the beautiful Canadian outdoors.

    Charlotte Baici

    Charlotte joined the Chilliwack Midwifery Group and Grow Midwives in the fall of 2023. She has been a midwife in Ontario since 2005 and is excited to be able to bring her utmost respect and skills to learn what works for the families in Chilliwack.

    Atasha Chretien

    Atasha’s goal is to provide evidence based care, while offering compassion and empathy, and a little bit of laughter along the way. Her favorite thing about midwifery is getting to know families and their stores, watching them learn, change and the birth their babies and become parents!

    Atasha identifies as Metis, and is hoping to add more culturally aware care and support to our indigenous birthing people.

    Kristi Mintz

    Having been fascinated by birth and motherhood for as long as she can remember, Kristi started on her own Midwifery journey. Having always been in awe at the strength and power of a woman during pregnancy, labour and birth, she feels privileged to accompany and care for you through this special time in your life.

    Winifred Angus

    Winifred was born in Peru to Canadian parents who had the travel bug. She grew up in Washington DC, but British Columbia captured her heart in 1995. Giving birth to her own 4 children impassioned her with a desire to empower women in becoming mothers through education & informed decision making. Winifred studied psychology and afterwards went on to finish her midwifery degree in 2010. She has had the privilege of working with families in the USA, Alberta, Nunavik and BC. She made Chilliwack her home in 2016. In addition to her own traditional midwifery practice in Chilliwack, she began working with Dr Henry at the Hope Prenatal Outreach Clinic in 2019 and hasn’t looked back.

    When she isn’t working you can find her spending time with her family, listening to music, learning, researching, traveling to foreign countries and preparing for her first grand baby.